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A Splendid Hazard
by Harold MacGrath
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Chapter I. A Memorable Date
Chapter II. The Butterfly Man
Chapter III. A Plaster Statuette
Chapter IV. Pirates and Private Secretaries
Chapter V. No False Pretenses
Chapter VI. Some Explanations
Chapter VII. A Bit of Romantic History
Chapter VIII. Some Birds in a Chimney
Chapter IX. They Dress for Dinner
Chapter X. The Ghost of an Old Regime
Chapter XI. Preparations and Cogitations
Chapter XII. M. Ferraud Introduces Himself.
Chapter XIII. The Woman Who Knew
Chapter XIV. The Drama Begins
Chapter XV. They Go A-sailing
Chapter XVI. Cross-purposes
Chapter XVII. A Question From Keats
Chapter XVIII. Cathewe Advises and the Admiral Discloses
Chapter XIX. Breitmann Makes His First Blunder
Chapter XX. An Old Scandal
Chapter XXI. Captain Flanagan Meets a Duke
Chapter XXII. The Admiral Begins to Doubt
Chapter XXIII. Cathewe Asks Questions
Chapter XXIV. The Pines of Aitone
Chapter XXV. The Dupe
Chapter XXVI. The End of the Dream

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