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The Man on the Box
by Harold MacGrath
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I. Introduces My Hero
II. Introduces My Heroine
III. The Adventure Begins
IV. A Family Reunion
V. The Plot Thickens
VI. The Man on the Box
VII. A Police Affair
VIII. Another Salad Idea
IX. The Heroine Hires a Groom
X. Pirate
XI. The First Ride
XII. A Ticklish Business
XIII. A Runaway
XIV. An Ordeal Or Two
XV. Retrospective
XVI. The Previous Affair
XVII. Dinner Is Served
XVIII. Caught!
XIX. “Oh, Mister Butler!”
XX. The Episode of the Stove-pipe
XXI. The Rose
XXII. The Drama Unrolls
XXIII. Something About Heroes
XXIV. A Fine Lover
XXV. A Fine Heroine, Too
XXVI. The Castle of Romance

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