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The Grey Cloak
by Harold MacGrath
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Chapter I. The Man in the Cloak.
Chapter II. The Toilet of the Chevalier Du Cevennes
Chapter III. The Mutilated Hand
Chapter IV. An Aeneas for an Achates
Chapter V. The Horn of Plenty and Monsieur De Saumaise's Potpie
Chapter VI. An Achates for an Aeneas
Chapter VII. The Philosophy of Monsieur Le Marquis De Perigny
Chapter VIII. The Last Rout
Chapter IX. The Fifty Pistoles of Monsieur Le Vicomte
Chapter X. The Diligence From Rouen and the Masquerading Ladies
Chapter XI. Monsieur Le Comte D'herouville Takes the Journey to Quebec
Chapter XII. Achates Writes a Ballade of Double Refrain
Chapter XIII. Ten Thousand Livres in a Pocket
Chapter XIV. Breton Finds a Marker for His Copy of Rabelais
Chapter XV. The Supper
Chapter XVI. The Poet Explains to Monsieur De Lauson
Chapter XVII. What the Ship Henri Iv Brings to Quebec
Chapter XVIII. The Master of Ironies
Chapter XIX. A Page From Mythology by the Way and a Letter
Chapter XX. A Death Warrant Or a Marriage Contract
Chapter XXI. An Ingenious Idea and a Woman's Wit
Chapter XXII. D'herouville Threatens and Madame Finds a Droll Book
Chapter XXIII. A Marquis Dons His Baldric
Chapter XXIV. Sister Benie and a Dissertation on Charity
Chapter XXV. Of Orioles and Woman's Prerogatives
Chapter XXVI. Brother Jacques Tells the Story Op Hiawatha
Chapter XXVII. Onondaga

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