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The Summons
by A.E.W. Mason
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I. The Olympic Games
II. An Anthem Intervenes
III. Mario Escobar
IV. The Secret of Harry Luttrell
V. Hillyard's Messenger
VI. The Honorary Member
VII. In the Garden of Eden
VIII. Hillyard Hears News of an Old Friend
IX. Enter the Heroine in Anything But White Satin
X. The Summons
XI. Stella Runs to Earth
XII. In Barcelona
XIII. Old Acquaintance
XIV. “Touching the Matter of Those Ships”
XV. In a Sleeping-car
XVI. Tricks of the Trade
XVII. On a Cape of Spain
XVIII. The Uses of Science
XIX. Under Grey Skies Again
XX. Lady Splay's Preoccupations
XXI. The Magnolia Flowers
XXII. Jenny Prask
XXIII. Plans for the Evening
XXIV. Jenny Prask Is Interested
XXV. In a Library
XXVI. A Fatal Kindness
XXVII. The Rank and File
XXVIII. The Long Sleep
XXIX. Jenny Puts Up Her Fight
XXX. A Revolution in Sir Chichester
XXXI. Jenny and Millie Splay
XXXII. “But Still a Ruby Kindles in the Vine”

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