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by George Eliot
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Chapter 1. The Shipwrecked Stranger
Chapter 2. A Breakfast For Love
Chapter 3. The Barber's Shop
Chapter 4. First Impresions
Chapter 5. The Blind Scholar And His Daughter
Chapter 6. Dawning Hopes
Chapter 7. A Learned Squabble
Chapter 8. A Face In The Crowd
Chapter 9. A Man's Ransom
Chapter 10. Under The Plane-tree
Chapter 11. Tito's Dilemma
Chapter 12. The Prize Is Nearly Grasped
Chapter 13. The Shadow Of Nemesis
Chapter 14. The Peasants' Fair
Chapter 15. The Dying Message
Chapter 16. A Florentine Joke
Chapter 17. Under The Loggia
Chapter 18. The Portrait
Chapter 19. The Old Man's Hope
Chapter 20. The Day Of The Betrothal
Chapter 21. Florence Expects A Guest
Chapter 22. The Prisoners
Chapter 23. After-thoughts
Chapter 24. Inside The Duomo
Chapter 25. Outside The Duomo
Chapter 26. The Garment Of Fear
Chapter 27. The Young Wife
Chapter 28. The Painted Record
Chapter 29. A Moment Of Triumph
Chapter 30. The Avenger's Secret
Chapter 31. Fruit Is Seed
Chapter 32. A Revelation
Chapter 33. Baldassarre Makes An Acquaintance
Chapter 34. No Place For Repentance
Chapter 35. What Florence Was Thinking Of
Chapter 36. Ariadne Discrowns Herself
Chapter 37. The Tabernacle Unlocked
Chapter 38. The Black Marks Become Magical
Chapter 39. A Supper In The Rucellai Gardens
Chapter 40. An Arresting Voice
Chapter 41. Coming Back
Chapter 42. Romola In Her Place
Chapter 43. The Unseen Madonna
Chapter 44. The Visible Madonna
Chapter 45. At The Barber's Shop
Chapter 46. By A Street Lamp
Chapter 47. Check
Chapter 48. Counter-check
Chapter 49. The Pyramid Of Vanities
Chapter 50. Tessa Abroad And At Home
Chapter 51. Monna Brigida's Conversion
Chapter 52. A Prophetess
Chapter 53. On San Miniato
Chapter 54. The Evening And The Morning
Chapter 55. Waiting
Chapter 56. The Other Wife
Chapter 57. Why Tito Was Safe
Chapter 58. A Final Understanding
Chapter 59. Pleading
Chapter 60. The Scaffold
Chapter 61. Drifting Away
Chapter 62. The Benediction
Chapter 63. Ripening Schemes
Chapter 64. The Prophet In His Cell
Chapter 65. The Trial By Fire
Chapter 66. A Masque Of The Furies
Chapter 67. Waiting By The River
Chapter 68. Romola's Waking
Chapter 69. Homeward
Chapter 70. Meeting Again
Chapter 71. The Confession
Chapter 72. The Last Silence

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