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by Leo Tolstoy
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Book I
Chapter I. Maslova in Prison.
Chapter II. Maslova's Early Life.
Chapter III. Nekhludoff.
Chapter IV. Missy.
Chapter V. The Jurymen.
Chapter VI. The Judges.
Chapter VII. The Officials of the Court.
Chapter VIII. Swearing in the Jury.
Chapter IX. The Trial--the Prisoners Questioned.
Chapter X. The Trial--the Indictment.
Chapter XI. The Trial--Maslova Cross-Examined.
Chapter XII. Twelve Years Before.
Chapter XIII. Life in the Army.
Chapter XIV. The Second Meeting with Maslova.
Chapter XV. The Early Mass.
Chapter XVI. The First Step.
Chapter XVII. Nekhludoff and Katusha.
Chapter XVIII. Afterwards.
Chapter XIX. The Trial--Resumption.
Chapter XX. . The Trial--the Medical Report.
Chapter XXI. The Trial--the Prosecutor and the Advocates.
Chapter XXII. The Trial--the Summing Up.
Chapter XXIII. The Trial--the Verdict.
Chapter XXIV. The Trial--the Sentence.
Chapter XXV. Nekhludoff Consults an Advocate.
Chapter XXVI. The House of Korchagin.
Chapter XXVII. Missy's Mother.
Chapter XXVIII. The Awakening.
Chapter XXIX. Maslova in Prison.
Chapter XXX. The Cell.
Chapter XXXI. The Prisoners.
Chapter XXXII. A Prison Quarrel.
Chapter XXXIII. The Leaven at Work--Nekhludoff's Domestic Changes.
Chapter XXXIV. The Absurdity of Law--Reflections of a Juryman.
Chapter XXXV. The Procureur--Nekhludoff Refuses to Serve.
Chapter XXXVI. Nekhludoff Endeavours to Visit Maslova.
Chapter XXXVII. Maslova Recalls the Past.
Chapter XXXVIII. Sunday in Prison--Preparing for Mass.
Chapter XXXIX. The Prison Church--Blind Leaders of the Blind.
Chapter XL. The Husks of Religion.
Chapter XLI. Visiting Day--the Men's Ward.
Chapter XLII. Visiting Day--the Women's Ward.
Chapter XLIII. Nekhludoff Visits Maslova.
Chapter XLIV. Maslova's View of Life.
Chapter XLV. Fanarin, the Advocate--the Petition.
Chapter XLVI. A Prison Flogging.
Chapter XLVII. Nekhludoff Again Visits Maslova.
Chapter XLVIII. Maslova Refuses to Marry.
Chapter XLIX. Vera Doukhova.
Chapter L. The Vice-Governor of the Prison.
Chapter LI. The Cells.
Chapter LII. No. 21.
Chapter LIII. Victims of Government.
Chapter LIV. Prisoners and Friends.
Chapter LV. Vera Doukhova Explains.
Chapter LVI. Nekhludoff and the Prisoners.
Chapter LVII. The Vice-Governor's "At-Home".
Chapter LVIII. The Vice-Governor Suspicious.
Chapter LIX. Nekhludoff's Third Interview with Maslova in Prison.
Book II
Chapter I. Property in Land.
Chapter II. Efforts at Land Restoration.
Chapter III. Old Associations.
Chapter IV. The Peasants' Lot.
Chapter V. Maslova's Aunt.
Chapter VI. Reflections of a Landlord.
Chapter VII. The Disinherited.
Chapter VIII. God's Peace in the Heart.
Chapter IX. The Land Settlement.
Chapter X. Nekhludoff Returns to Town.
Chapter XI. An Advocate's Views on Judges and Prosecutors.
Chapter XII. Why the Peasants Flock to Town.
Chapter XIII. Nurse Maslova.
Chapter XIV. An Aristocratic Circle.
Chapter XV. An Average Statesman.
Chapter XVI. An Up-to-Date Senator.
Chapter XVII. Countess Katerina Ivanovna's Dinner Party.
Chapter XVIII. Officialdom.
Chapter XIX. An Old General of Repute.
Chapter XX. Maslova's Appeal.
Chapter XXI. The Appeal Dismissed.
Chapter XXII. An Old Friend.
Chapter XXIII. The Public Prosecutor.
Chapter XXIV. Mariette Tempts Nekhludoff.
Chapter XXV. Lydia Shoustova's Home.
Chapter XXVI. Lydia's Aunt.
Chapter XXVII. The State Church and the People.
Chapter XXVIII. The Meaning of Mariette's Attraction.
Chapter XXIX. For Her Sake and for God's.
Chapter XXX. The Astonishing Institution Called Criminal Law.
Chapter XXXI. Nekhludoff's Sister and Her Husband.
Chapter XXXII. Nekhludoff's Anarchism.
Chapter XXXIII. The Aim of the Law.
Chapter XXXIV. The Prisoners Start for Siberia.
Chapter XXXV. Not Men but Strange and Terrible Creatures?
Chapter XXXVI. The Tender Mercies of the Lord.
Chapter XXXVII. Spilled Like Water on the Ground.
Chapter XXXVIII. The Convict Train.
Chapter XXXIX. Brother and Sister.
Chapter XL. The Fundamental Law of Human Life.
Chapter XLI. Taras's Story.
Chapter XLII. Le Vrai Grand Monde.
Book III
Chapter I. Maslova Makes New Friends.
Chapter II. An Incident of the March.
Chapter III. Mary Pavlovna.
Chapter IV. Simonson.
Chapter V. The Political Prisoners.
Chapter VI. Kryltzoff's Story.
Chapter VII. Nekhludoff Seeks an Interview with Maslova.
Chapter VIII. Nekhludoff and the Officer.
Chapter IX. The Political Prisoners.
Chapter X. Makar Devkin.
Chapter XI. Maslova and her Companions.
Chapter XII. Nabatoff and Markel.
Chapter XIII. Love Affairs of the Exiles.
Chapter XIV. Conversations in Prison.
Chapter XV. Novodvoroff.
Chapter XVI. Simonson Speaks to Nekhludoff.
Chapter XVII. "I Have Nothing More to Say."
Chapter XVIII. Neveroff's Fate.
Chapter XIX. Why is it Done?
Chapter XX. The Journey Resumed.
Chapter XXI. "Just a Worthless Tramp."
Chapter XXII. Nekhludoff Sees the General.
Chapter XXIII. The Sentence Commuted.
Chapter XXIV. The General's Household.
Chapter XXV. Maslova's Decision.
Chapter XXVI. The English Visitor.
Chapter XXVII. Kryltzoff at Rest.
Chapter XXVIII. A New Life Dawns for Nekhludoff.

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