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by Leo Tolstoy
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I. The Tutor, Karl Ivanitch
II. Mamma
III. Papa
IV. Lessons
V. The Idiot
VI. Preparations for the Chase
VII. The Hunt
VIII. We Play Games
IX. A First Essay in Love
X. The Sort of Man My Father Was
XI. In the Drawing-Room and the Study
XII. Grisha
XIII. Natalia Savishna
XIV. The Parting
XV. Childhood
XVI. Verse-Making
XVII. The Princess Kornakoff
XVIII. Prince Ivan Ivanovitch
XIX. The Iwins
XX. Preparations for the Party
XXI. Before the Mazurka
XXII. The Mazurka
XXIII. After the Mazurka
XXIV. In Bed
XXV. The Letter
XXVI. What Awaited Us at the Country-House
XXVII. Grief
XXVIII. Sad Recollections

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