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Dr Thorne
by Anthony Trollope
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Chapter I. The Greshams of Greshamsbury
Chapter II. Long, Long Ago
Chapter III. Dr Thorne
Chapter IV. Lessons from Courcy Castle
Chapter V. Frank Gresham's First Speech
Chapter VI. Frank Gresham's Early Loves
Chapter VII. The Doctor's Garden
Chapter VIII. Matrimonial Prospects
Chapter IX. Sir Roger Scatcherd
Chapter X. Sir Roger's Will
Chapter XI. The Doctor Drinks His Tea
Chapter XII. When Greek Meets Greek, then Comes the Tug of War
Chapter XIII. The Two Uncles
Chapter XIV. Sentence of Exile
Chapter XV. Courcy
Chapter XVI. Miss Dunstable
Chapter XVII. The Election
Chapter XVIII. The Rivals
Chapter XIX. The Duke of Omnium
Chapter XX. The Proposal
Chapter XXI. Mr Moffat Falls into Trouble
Chapter XXII. Sir Roger is Unseated
Chapter XXIII. Retrospective
Chapter XXIV. Louis Scatcherd
Chapter XXV. Sir Roger Dies
Chapter XXVI. War
Chapter XXVII. Miss Thorne Goes on a Visit
Chapter XXVIII. The Doctor Hears Something to His Advantage
Chapter XXIX. The Donkey Ride
Chapter XXX. Post Prandial
Chapter XXXI. The Small Edge of the Wedge
Chapter XXXII. Mr Oriel
Chapter XXXIII. A Morning Visit
Chapter XXXIV. A Barouche and Four Arrives at Greshamsbury
Chapter XXXV. Sir Louis Goes Out to Dinner
Chapter XXXVI. Will He Come Again?
Chapter XXXVII. Sir Louis Leaves Greshamsbury
Chapter XXXVIII. De Courcy Precepts and De Courcy Practice
Chapter XXXIX. What the World Says About Blood
Chapter XL. The Two Doctors Change Patients
Chapter XLI. Doctor ThornE Won't Interfere
Chapter XLII. What Can You Give in Return?
Chapter XLIII. The Race of Scatcherd Becomes Extinct
Chapter XLIV. Saturday Evening and Sunday Morning
Chapter XLV. Law Business in London
Chapter XLVI. Our Pet Fox Finds a Tail
Chapter XLVII. How the Bride was Received, and Who Were Asked to the Wedding

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