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The Quest of the Sacred Slipper
by Sax Rohmer
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Chapter I. The Phantom Scimitar
Chapter II. The Girl with the Violet Eyes
Chapter III. "Hassan of Aleppo"
Chapter IV. The Oblong Box
Chapter V. The Occupant of the Box
Chapter VI. The Ring of the Prophet
Chapter VII. First Attempt on the Safe
Chapter VIII. The Violet Eyes Again
Chapter IX. Second Attempt on the Safe
Chapter X. At the British Antiquarian Museum
Chapter XI. The Hole in the Blind
Chapter XII. The Hashishin Watch
Chapter XIII. The White Beam
Chapter XIV. A Scream in the Night
Chapter XV. A Shrivelled Hand
Chapter XVI. The Dwarf
Chapter XVII. The Woman with the Basket
Chapter XVIII. What Came Through the Window
Chapter XIX. A Rapping at Midnight
Chapter XX. The Golden Pavilion
Chapter XXI. The Black Tube
Chapter XXII. The Light of El-Medineh
Chapter XXIII. The Three Messages
Chapter XXIV. I Keep the Appointment
Chapter XXV. The Watcher in Bank Chambers
Chapter XXVI. The Strong-Room
Chapter XXVII. The Slipper
Chapter XXVIII. Carneta
Chapter XXIX. We Meet Mr. Isaacs
Chapter XXX. At the Gate House
Chapter XXXI. The Pool of Death
Chapter XXXII. Six Gray Patches
Chapter XXXIII. How We Were Reinforced
Chapter XXXIV. My Last Meeting with Hassan of Aleppo

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