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The Yellow Claw
by Sax Rohmer
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I. The Lady of the Civet Furs
II. Midnight and Mr. King
III. Inspector Dunbar Takes Charge
IV. A Window is Opened
V. Doctors Differ
VI. At Scotland Yard
VII. The Man in the Limousine
VIII. Cabman Two
IX. The Man in Black
X. The Great Understanding
XI. Presenting M. Gaston Max
XII. Mr. Gianapolis
XIII. The Draft on Paris
XIV. East 18642
XV. Cave of the Golden Dragon
XVI. Ho-Pin's Catacombs
XVII. Kan-Suh Concessions
XVIII. The World Above
XIX. The Living Dead
XX. Abraham Levinsky Butts In
XXI. The Studio in Soho
XXII. M. Max Mounts Cagliostro's Staircase
XXIII. Raid in the Rue St. Claude
XXIV. Opium
XXV. Fate's Shuttlecock
XXVI. "Our Lady of the Poppies"
XXVII. Grove of a Million Apes
XXVIII. The Opium Agent
XXIX. M. Max of London and M. Max of Paris
XXX. Mahara
XXXI. Musk and Roses
XXXII. Blue Blinds
XXXIII. Logic vs. Intuition
XXXIV. M. Max Reports Progress
XXXV. Tracker Tracked
XXXVI. In Dunbar's Room
XXXVII. The Whistle
XXXVIII. The Secret Traps
XXXIX. The Labyrinth
XL. Dawn at the Nore
XLI. Westminster--Midnight

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