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The Prime Minister
by Anthony Trollope
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Volume I
Chapter 1. Ferdinand Lopez.
Chapter 2. Everett Wharton.
Chapter 3. Mr Abel Wharton Q.C.
Chapter 4. Mrs Roby.
Chapter 5. 'No One Knows Anything About Him.'
Chapter 6. An Old Friend Goes to Windsor.
Chapter 7. Another Old Friend.
Chapter 8. The Beginning of a New Career.
Chapter 9. Mrs Dick's Dinner Party----No 1.
Chapter 10. Mrs Dick's Dinner Party--No 2.
Chapter 11. Carlton Terrace.
Chapter 12. The Gathering of Clouds.
Chapter 13. Mr Wharton Complains.
Chapter 14. A Lover's Perseverance.
Chapter 15. Arthur Fletcher.
Chapter 16. Never Run Away!
Chapter 17. Good-Bye.
Chapter 18. The Duke of Omnium Thinks of Himself.
Chapter 19. Vulgarity.
Chapter 20. Sir Orlando's Policy.
Volume II
Chapter 21. The Duchess's New Swan.
Chapter 22. St James's Park.
Chapter 23. Surrender.
Chapter 24. The Marriage.
Chapter 25. The Beginning of the Honeymoon.
Chapter 26. The End of the Honeymoon.
Chapter 27. The Duke's Misery.
Chapter 28. The Duchess's Mind is Troubled.
Chapter 29. The Two Candidates for Silverbridge.
Chapter 30. 'Yes:--A Lie!'
Chapter 31. 'Yes;--With a Horsewhip in My Hand.'
Chapter 32. 'What Business is it of Yours?'
Chapter 33. Showing That a Man Should Not Howl.
Chapter 34. The Silverbridge Election.
Chapter 35. Lopez Back in London.
Chapter 36. The Jolly Blackbird.
Chapter 37. The Horns.
Chapter 38. Sir Orlando Retires.
Chapter 39. 'Get Round Him.'
Chapter 40. 'Come and Try It.'
Volume III
Chapter 41. The Value of a Thick Skin.
Chapter 42. Retribution.
Chapter 43. Kauri Gum.
Chapter 44. Mr Wharton Thinks of a New Will.
Chapter 45. Mrs Sexty Parker.
Chapter 46. 'He Wants to Get Rich Too Quick.'
Chapter 47. As For Love!
Chapter 48. 'Has He Ill-Treated You?'
Chapter 49. Where is Guatemala?
Chapter 50. Mr Slide's Revenge.
Chapter 51. Coddling the Prime Minister.
Chapter 52. 'I Can Sleep Here To-Night, I Suppose?'
Chapter 53. Mr Hartlepod.
Chapter 54. Lizzie.
Chapter 55. Mrs Parker's Sorrows.
Chapter 56. What the Duchess Thought of Her Husband.
Chapter 57. The Explanation.
Chapter 58. 'Quite Settled.'
Chapter 59. The First and the Last.
Chapter 60. The Tenway Junction.
Volume IV
Chapter 61. The Widow and Her Friends.
Chapter 62. Phineas Finn Has a Book to Read.
Chapter 63. The Duchess and Her Friend.
Chapter 64. The New K.G.
Chapter 65. There Must Be Time.
Chapter 66. The End of the Session.
Chapter 67. Mrs Lopez Prepares to Move.
Chapter 68. The Prime Minister's Political Creed.
Chapter 69. Mrs Parker's Fate.
Chapter 70. At Wharton.
Chapter 71. The Ladies at Longbarns Doubt.
Chapter 72. 'He Thinks That Our Days Are Numbered.'
Chapter 73. Only the Duke of Omnium.
Chapter 74. 'I Am Disgraced and Shamed.'
Chapter 75. The Great Wharton Alliance.
Chapter 76. Who Will It Be?
Chapter 77. The Duchess in Manchester Square.
Chapter 78. The New Ministry.
Chapter 79. The Wharton Wedding.
Chapter 80. The Last Meeting at Matching.

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