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The Puppet Crown
by Harold MacGrath
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Chapter I. The Scepter Which Was a Stick
Chapter II. The Coup D'Etat of Cousin Josef
Chapter III. An Episode Ten Years After
Chapter IV. An Adventure with Royalty
Chapter V. Behind the Puppet Booth
Chapter VI. Mademoiselle of the Veil
Chapter VII. Some Dialogue, a Sprained Ankle, and Some Soldiers
Chapter VIII. The Red Chateau
Chapter IX. Nothing More Serious than a House Party
Chapter X. Being of Long Rides, Maids, Kisses and Messages
Chapter XI. The Denouement
Chapter XII. Whom the Gods Destroy and a Few Others
Chapter XIII. Being of Complications Not Reckoned On
Chapter XIV. Qui M'Aime, Aime Mon Chien
Chapter XV. In Which Fortune Becomes Careless and Prodigal
Chapter XVI. What Happened at the Archbishop's Palace and After
Chapter XVII. Some Passages at Arms
Chapter XVIII. A Minor Chord and a Change of Movement
Chapter XIX. A Chance Ride in the Night
Chapter XX. The Last Stand of a Bad Servant
Chapter XXI. A Court Fete at the Red Chateau
Chapter XXII. In Which Maurice Recurs to Offenbach
Chapter XXIII. A Game of Poker and the Stakes
Chapter XXIV. The Prisoner of the Red Chateau
Chapter XXV. The Fortunes of War
Chapter XXVI. A Page from Tasso
Chapter XXVII. Wormwood and Lees
Chapter XXVIII. Into the Hands of Austria
Chapter XXIX. Into Still Waters and Silence

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