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The Red Acorn
by John McElroy
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Chapter I. A Declaration.
Chapter II. First Shots.
Chapter III. A Race.
Chapter IV. Disgrace.
Chapter V. The Lint-scraping and Bandage-making Union.
Chapter VI. The Awakening.
Chapter VII. Pomp and Circumstances of Glorious War.
Chapter VIII. The Tedium of Camp.
Chapter IX. On the March.
Chapter X. The Mountaineer's Revenge.
Chapter XI. Through the Mountains and the Night.
Chapter XII. Aunt Debby Brill.
Chapter XIII. "An Apple Jack Raid."
Chapter XIV. In the Hospital.
Chapter XV. Making an Acquaintance with Duty.
Chapter XVI. The Ambuscade.
Chapter XVII. Alspaugh on a Bed of Pain.
Chapter XVIII. Secret Service.
Chapter XIX. The Battle of Stone River.

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