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The Malefactor
by E. Phillips Oppenheim
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Book I
Chapter I. A Society Scandal
Chapter II. Outside the Pale
Chapter III. A Student of Character
Chapter IV. A Delicate Mission
Chapter V. The Gospel of Hate
Chapter VI. "Hast Thou Found Me, O Mine Enemy?"
Chapter VII. Lord of the Manor
Chapter VIII. The Heart of a Child
Chapter IX. The Sword of Damocles
Chapter X. A Forlorn Hope
Chapter XI. Professor Sinclair's Dancing Academy
Chapter XII. Mephistopheles on a Steamer
Chapter XIII. A Cockney Conspirator
Chapter XIV. The Moth and the Candle
Chapter XV. "Devil Take the Hindmost"
Chapter XVI. The Hidden Hand
Book II
Chapter I. "Mr. Wingrave, From America"
Chapter II. The Shadow of a Fear
Chapter III. Juliet Asks Questions
Chapter IV. Lady Ruth's Last Card
Chapter V. Guardian and Ward
Chapter VI. Ghosts of Dead Things
Chapter VII. Spreading the Net
Chapter VIII. In the Toils
Chapter IX. The Indiscretion of the Marchioness
Chapter X. "I am Misanthropos, and Hate Mankind"
Chapter XI. Juliet Gains Experience
Chapter XII. Nemesis at Work
Chapter XIII. Richardson Tries Again
Chapter XIV. "It Was an Accident"
Chapter XV. Aynesworth Plans a Love Story
Chapter XVI. A Deed of Gift
Chapter XVII. For Pity's Sake
Chapter XVIII. A Dream of Paradise
Chapter XIX. The Awakening
Chapter XX. Revenge is--Bitter
Chapter XXI. The Way of Peace
Chapter XXII. "Love Shall Make all Things New"

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