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The Blue Lagoon: A Romance
by Henry De Vere Stacpoole
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Book I
Part I
Chapter I. Where the Slush Lamp Burns
Chapter II. Under the Stars
Chapter III. The Shadow and the Fire
Chapter IV. And Like a Dream Dissolved
Chapter V. Voices Heard in the Mist
Chapter VI. Dawn on a Wide, Wide Sea
Chapter VII. Story of the Pig and the Billy-Goat
Chapter VIII. "S-H-E-N-A-N-D-O-A-H"
Chapter IX. Shadows in the Moonlight
Chapter X. The Tragedy of the Boats
Part II
Chapter XI. The Island
Chapter XII. The Lake of Azure
Chapter XIII. Death Veiled with Lichen
Chapter XIV. Echoes of Fairy-Land
Chapter XV. Fair Pictures in the Blue
Part III
Chapter XVI. The Poetry of Learning
Chapter XVII. The Devil's Cask
Chapter XVIII. The Rat Hunt
Chapter XIX. Starlight on the Foam
Chapter XX. The Dreamer on the Reef
Chapter XXI. The Garland of Flowers
Chapter XXII. Alone
Chapter XXIII. They Move Away
Book II
Part I
Chapter I. Under the Artu Tree
Chapter II. Half Child--Half Savage
Chapter III. The Demon of the Reef
Chapter IV. What Beauty Concealed
Chapter V. The Sound of a Drum
Chapter VI. Sails Upon the Sea
Chapter VII. The Schooner
Chapter VIII. Love Steps In
Chapter IX. The Sleep of Paradise
Part II
Chapter X. An Island Honeymoon
Chapter XI. The Vanishing of Emmeline
Chapter XII. The Vanishing of Emmeline (continued)
Chapter XIII. The Newcomer
Chapter XIV. Hannah
Chapter XV. The Lagoon of Fire
Chapter XVI. The Cyclone
Chapter XVII. The Stricken Woods
Chapter XVIII. A Fallen Idol
Chapter XIX. The Expedition
Chapter XX. The Keeper of the Lagoon
Chapter XXI. The Hand of the Sea
Chapter XXII. Together
Book III
Chapter I. Mad Lestrange
Chapter II. The Secret of the Azure
Chapter III. Captain Fountain
Chapter IV. Due South

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