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Adam Bede
by George Eliot
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Book One.
Chapter I. The Workshop
Chapter II. The Preaching
Chapter III. After the Preaching
Chapter IV. Home and Its Sorrows
Chapter V. The Rector
Chapter VI. The Hall Farm
Chapter VII. The Dairy
Chapter VIII. A Vocation
Chapter IX. Hetty's World
Chapter X. Dinah Visits Lisbeth
Chapter XI. In the Cottage
Chapter XII. In the Wood
Chapter XIII. Evening in the Wood
Chapter XIV. The Return Home
Chapter XV. The Two Bed-Chambers
Chapter XVI. Links
Book Two.
Chapter XVII. In Which the Story Pauses a Little
Chapter XVIII. Church
Chapter XIX. Adam on a Working Day
Chapter XX. Adam Visits the Hall Farm
Chapter XXI. The Night-School and the Schoolmaster
Book Three.
Chapter XXII. Going to the Birthday Feast
Chapter XXIII. Dinner-Time
Chapter XXIV. The Health-Drinking
Chapter XXV. The Games
Chapter XXVI. The Dance
Book Four.
Chapter XXVII. A crisis
Chapter XXVIII. A Dilemma
Chapter XXIX. The Next Morning
Chapter XXX. The Delivery of the Letter
Chapter XXXI. In Hetty's Bed-Chamber
Chapter XXXII. Mrs. Poyser "Has Her Say Out"
Chapter XXXIII. More Links
Chapter XXXIV. The Betrothal
Chapter XXXV. The Hidden Dread
Book Five.
Chapter XXXVI. The Journey of Hope
Chapter XXXVII. The Journey in Despair
Chapter XXXVIII. The Quest
Chapter XXXIX. The Tidings
Chapter XL. The Bitter Waters Spread
Chapter XLI. The Eve of the Trial
Chapter XLII. The Morning of the Trial
Chapter XLIII. The Verdict
Chapter XLIV. Arthur's Return
Chapter XLV. In the Prison
Chapter XLVI. The Hours of Suspense
Chapter XLVII. The Last Moment
Chapter XLVIII. A nother Meeting in the Wood
Book Six.
Chapter XLIX. At the Hall Farm
Chapter L. In the Cottage
Chapter LI. Sunday Morning
Chapter LII. Adam and Dinah
Chapter LIII. The Harvest Supper
Chapter LIV. The Meeting on the Hill

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