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Caught In The Net
by Emile Gaboriau
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Chapter I. Putting on the Screw.
Chapter II. A Registry Office.
Chapter III. The Opinion of Dr. Hortebise.
Chapter IV. A Trustworthy Servant.
Chapter V. A Forgotten Crime.
Chapter VI. A Medical Adviser.
Chapter VII. In the Studio.
Chapter VIII. Mademoiselle de Mussidan.
Chapter IX. Rose's Promotion.
Chapter X. "You are a Thief."
Chapter XI. The Man-Milliner.
Chapter XII. A Startling Revelation.
Chapter XIII. Husband and Wife.
Chapter XIV. Father and Daughter.
Chapter XV. Master Chupin.
Chapter XVI. A Turn of the Screw.
Chapter XVII. Some Scraps of Paper.
Chapter XVIII. An Infamous Trade.
Chapter XIX. A Friendly Rival.
Chapter XX. A Council of War.
Chapter XXI. An Academy of Music.
Chapter XXII. Diamond Cut Diamond.
Chapter XXIII. Father and Son.
Chapter XXIV. An Artful Trick.
Chapter XXV. A New Skin.
Chapter XXVI. At the Grand Turk.
Chapter XXVII. The Last Link.

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