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The Champdoce Mystery
by Emile Gaboriau
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Chapter I. A Ducal Monomaniac.
Chapter II. A Dangerous Acquaintance.
Chapter III. A Bold Adventure.
Chapter IV. A Financial Transaction.
Chapter V. A Bad Start.
Chapter VI. The Count de Puymandour.
Chapter VII. An Unlucky Blow.
Chapter VIII. The Little Glass Bottle.
Chapter IX. The Honor of the Name.
Chapter X. A Thunderbolt.
Chapter XI. Marriage Bells; Funeral Knells.
Chapter XII. "Rash Word, Rash Deed."
Chapter XIII. A Scheme of Vengeance.
Chapter XIV. False Friend, Old Lover.
Chapter XV. A Stab in the Dark.
Chapter XVI. Husband and Lover.
Chapter XVII. Blade to Blade.
Chapter XVIII. The Heir of Champdoce.
Chapter XIX. Mascarin Speaks.
Chapter XX. A Sudden Check.
Chapter XXI. A Melancholy Masher.
Chapter XXII. A Gentleman in Difficulties.
Chapter XXIII. Ringing the Changes.
Chapter XXIV. The Vanishing Bills.
Chapter XXV. The Spy.
Chapter XXVI. Mascarin Moves.
Chapter XXVII. A Cruel Slur.
Chapter XXVIII. The Tempter.
Chapter XXIX. The Tafila Copper Mines, Limited.
Chapter XXX. The Veiled Portrait.
Chapter XXXI. Gaston's Dilemma.
Chapter XXXII. M. Lecoq.
Chapter XXXIII. Through the Air.
Chapter XXXIV. The Day of Reckoning.
Chapter XXXV. "Every Man to His Own Place."

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