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by Sax Rohmer
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Chapter I. A Client for Paul Harley
Chapter II. The Sixth Sense
Chapter III. Shadows
Chapter IV. Introducing Mr. Nicol Brinn
Chapter V. The Gates of Hell
Chapter VI. Phil Abingdon Arrives
Chapter VII. Confessions
Chapter VIII. A Wreath of Hyacinths
Chapter IX. Two Reports
Chapter X. His Excellency Ormuz Khan
Chapter XI. The Purple Stain
Chapter XII. The Veil is Raised
Chapter XIII. Nicol Brinn Has a Visitor
Chapter XIV. Wessex Gets Busy
Chapter XV. Naida
Chapter XVI. Nicol Brinn Goes Out
Chapter XVII. What Happened to Harley
Chapter XVIII. What Happened to Harley--Continued
Chapter XIX. What Happened to Harley--Continued
Chapter XX. What Happened to Harley--Concluded
Chapter XXI. Conflicting Clubs
Chapter XXII. The Seventh Kama
Chapter XXIII. Fire-Tongue Speaks
Chapter XXIV. Phil Abingdon's Visitor
Chapter XXV. The Screen of Gold
Chapter XXVI. An Englishman's Honour
Chapter XXVII. The Orchid of Sleep
Chapter XXVIII. At Hillside
Chapter XXIX. The Chase
Chapter XXX. The Catastrophe
Chapter XXXI. Nicol Brinn's Story of the City of Fire
Chapter XXXII. Story of the City of Fire (Continued)
Chapter XXXIII. Story of the City of Fire (Continued)
Chapter XXXIV. Story of the City of Fire (Continued)
Chapter XXXV. Nicol Brinn's Story (Concluded)

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