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Wives And Daughters
by Elizabeth Gaskell
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Part One
Chapter I. The Dawn Of A Gala Day
Chapter II. A Novice Amongst The Great Folk
Chapter III. Molly Gibson's Childhood
Chapter IV. Mr Gibson's Neighbours
Chapter V. Calf-Love
Chapter VI. A Visit To The Hamleys
Chapter VII. Foreshadows Of Love Perils
Chapter VIII. Drifting Into Danger
Chapter IX. The Widower And The Widow
Chapter X. A Crisis
Part Two
Chapter XI. Making Friendship
Chapter XII. Preparing For The Wedding
Chapter XIII. Molly Gibson's New Friends
Chapter XIV. Molly Finds Herself Patronized
Chapter XV. The New Mamma
Chapter XVI. The Bride At Home
Chapter XVII. Trouble At Hamley Hall
Chapter XVIII. Mr Osborne's Secret
Chapter XIX. Cynthia's Arrival
Chapter XX. Mrs Gibson's Visitors
Part Three
Chapter XXI. The Half-Sisters
Chapter XXII. The Old Squire's Troubles
Chapter XXIII. Osborne Hamley Reviews His Position
Chapter XXIV. Mrs Gibson's Little Dinner
Chapter XXV. Hollingford In A Bustle
Chapter XXVI. A Charity Ball
Chapter XXVII. Father And Sons
Chapter XXVIII. Rivalry
Chapter XXIX. Bush-Fighting
Chapter XXX. Old Ways And New Ways
Part Four
Chapter XXXI. A Passive Coquette
Chapter XXXII. Coming Events
Chapter XXXIII. Brightening Prospects
Chapter XXXIV. A Lover's Mistake
Chapter XXXV. The Mother's Manoeuvre
Chapter XXXVI. Domestic Diplomacy
Chapter XXXVII. A Fluke, And What Came Of It
Chapter XXXVIII. Mr Kirkpatrick, Q.C.
Chapter XXXIX. Secret Thoughts Ooze Out
Chapter XL. Molly Gibson Breathes Freely
Part Five
Chapter XLI. Gathering Clouds
Chapter XLII. The Storm Bursts
Chapter XLIII. Cynthia's Confession
Chapter XLIV. Molly Gibson To The Rescue
Chapter XLV. Confidences
Chapter XLVI. Hollingford Gossips
Chapter XLVII. Scandal And Its Victims
Chapter XLVIII. An Innocent Culprit
Chapter XLIX. Molly Gibson Finds A Champion
Chapter L. Cynthia At Bay
Part Six
Chapter LI. 'Troubles Never Come Alone'
Chapter LII. Squire Hamley's Sorrow
Chapter LIII. Unlooked-For Arrivals
Chapter LIV. Molly Gibson's Worth Is Discovered
Chapter LV. An Absent Lover Returns
Chapter LVI. 'Off With The Old Love, And On With The New.'
Chapter LVII. Bridal Visits And Adieux
Chapter LVIII. Reviving Hopes And Brightening Prospects
Chapter LIX. Molly Gibson At Hamley Hall
Concluding Remarks

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