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Mary Barton
by Elizabeth Gaskell
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I. A Mysterious Disappearance.
II. A Manchester Tea-Party.
III. John Bartons Great Trouble.
IV. Old Alice's History.
V. The Mill on Fire-Jem Wilson to the Rescue.
VI. Poverty and Death.
VII. Jem Wilson's Repulse.
VIII. Margaret's Debut as a Public Singer.
IX. Barton's London Experiences.
X. Return of the Prodigal.
XI. Mr. Carson's Intentions Revealed.
XII. Old Alice's Bairn,
XIII. A Traveller's Tales.
XIV. Jem's Interview with Poor Esther.
XV. A Violent Meeting Between the Rivals.
XVI. Meeting Between Masters and Workmen.
XVII. Barton's Night-Errand,
XVIII. Murder.
XIX. Jem Wilson Arrested on Suspicion.
XX. Mary's Dream--and the Awakening.
XXI. Esther's Motive in Seeking Mary.
XXII. Mary's Efforts to Prove an Alibi.
XXIII. The Sub-Poena.
XXIV. With the Dying.
XXV. Mrs. Wilson's Determination.
XXVI. The Journey to Liverpool.
XXVII. In the Liverpool Docks.
XXVIII. "John Cropper," Ahoy!
XXIX. A True Bill Against Jem.
XXX. Job Legh's Deception.
XXXI. How Mary Passed the Night.
XXXII. The Trial and Verdict--"Not Guilty."
XXXIII. Requiescat in Pace.
XXXIV. The Return Home.
XXXV. "Forgive Us our Trespasses."
XXXVI. Jem's Interview with Mr. Duncombe.
XXXVII. Details Connected with the Murder.
XXXVIII. Conclusion.

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