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 Fiction -- Westerns
 Andy Adams
The Log of a Cowboy
A Texas Matchmaker
Reed Anthony, Cowman
Wells Brothers
The Outlet
Flower of the North
Nomads Of The North
Son of a Hero
The Alaskan
The Country Beyond
The Danger Trail
The Flaming Forest
The Gold Hunters
The Grizzly King
The Honor of the Big Snows
The Hunted Woman
The Valley Of Silent Men
The Wolf Hunters
 B.M. Bower
Cabin Fever
Flying U Ranch
The Flying U's Last Stand
Her Prairie Knight
The Heritage of the Sioux
Jean of the Lazy A
The Lure Of The Dim Trails
Rowdy of the Cross L
The Trail of the White Mule
Casey Ryan
Chip, of the Flying U
Good Indian
Lonesome Land
Starr, of the Desert
The Gringos
The Happy Family
The Long Shadow
The Phantom Herd
The Ranch at the Wolverine
The Lonesome Trail
 Max Brand
Black Jack
Bull Hunter
Gunman's Reckoning
Riders of the Silences
Ronicky Doone
Ronicky Doone's Reward
Ronicky Doone's Treasure
The Long, Long Trail
The Night Horseman
The Rangeland Avenger
The Seventh Man
The Untamed
Way of the Lawless
 Willa Cather
Alexander's Bridge
My Antonia
O Pioneers!
One of Ours
Aphrodite! Coming
El Dorado: A Kansas Recessional
On the Gull's Road
The Diamond Mine
The Professor's House
The Song of the Lark
 John Fox Jr.
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine
The Heart Of The Hills
A Mountain Europa
A Cumberland Vendetta
Grayson's Baby
A Knight of the Cumberland
The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come
 Zane Grey
Betty Zane
The Call of the Canyon
Desert Gold
The Heritage of the Desert
The Last of the Plainsmen
The Last Trail
The Light of Western Stars
The Lone Star Ranger
The Man of the Forest
Riders of the Purple Sage
The Spirit of the Border
To The Last Man
The Young Forester
The Desert of Wheat
The Rainbow Trail
Tales of Lonely Trails
The Mysterious Rider
The Border Legion
The U.P. Trail
 Bret Harte
The Three Partners
A Ward of the Golden Gate
A First Family of Tasajara
A Millionaire of Rough-and-Ready
A Phyllis of the Sierras
A Sappho of Green Springs
A Waif of the Plains
Devil's Ford
In a Hollow of the Hills
In The Carquinez Woods
Snow-Bound at Eagle's
A Story of the Plains Susy
Thankful Blossom
The Argonauts of North Liberty
The Crusade of the Excelsior
The Story of a Mine
By Shore and Sedge
 Henry Herbert Knibbs
Jim Waring of Sonora-Town
Partners of Chance
 William MacLeod Raine
Ridgway of Montana
Man Size
A Man Four-Square
Bucky O'Connor
A Texas Ranger
The Vision Spendid
The Yukon Trail
Wyoming, a Story of the Outdoor West
 Stewart Edward White
Arizona Nights
The Blazed Trail
The Land of Footprints
The Call of the North
The Claim Jumpers
The Forest
The Forty-Niners
The Gray Dawn
The Mountains
The Riverman
The Rules of the Game
The Silent Places