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Her Prairie Knight
by B.M. Bower
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Chapter 1. Stranded on the Prairie.
Chapter 2. A Handsome Cowboy to the Rescue.
Chapter 3. A Tilt With Sir Redmond.
Chapter 4. Beatrice Learns a New Language.
Chapter 5. The Search for Dorman.
Chapter 6. Mrs. Lansell's Lecture.
Chapter 7. Beatrice's Wild Ride.
Chapter 8. Dorman Plays Cupid.
Chapter 9. What It Meant to Keith.
Chapter 10. Pine Ridge Range Ablaze.
Chapter 11. Sir Redmond Waits His Answer.
Chapter 12. Held Up by Mr. Kelly.
Chapter 13. Keith's Masterful Wooing.
Chapter 14. Sir Redmond Gets His answer.

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