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by B.M. Bower
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Chapter One: An Ambitious Man-Child was Buddy
Chapter Two: The Trail Herd
Chapter Three: Some Indian Lore
Chapter Four: Buddy Gives Warning
Chapter Five: Buddy Runs True to Type
Chapter Six: The Young Eagle Must Fly
Chapter Seven: Bud Flips a Coin with Fate
Chapter Eight: The Muleshoe
Chapter Nine: Little Lost
Chapter Ten: Bud Meets the Woman
Chapter Eleven: Guile Against the Wily
Chapter Twelve: Sport O' Kings
Chapter Thirteen: The Sinks
Chapter Fourteen: Even Mushrooms Help
Chapter Fifteen: Why Bud Missed a Dance
Chapter Sixteen: While the Going's Good
Chapter Seventeen: Guardian Angels are Riding Point
Chapter Eighteen: The Catrock Gang
Chapter Nineteen: Bud Rides Through Catrock and Loses Marian
Chapter Twenty: "Pick Your Footing!"
Chapter Twenty-One: Trails End

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