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The Land of Footprints
by Stewart Edward White
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I. On Books of Adventure
II. Africa
III. The Central Plateau
IV. The First Camp
V. Memba Sasa
VI. The First Game Camp
VII. On the March
VIII. The River Jungle
IX. The First Lion
X. Lions
XI. Lions Again
XII. More Lions
XIII. On the Managing of a Safari
XIV. A Day on the Isiola
XV. The Lion Dance
XVI. Fundi
XVII. Natives
XVIII. In the Jungle (a) The March to Meru
XIX. The Tana River
XX. Divers Adventures Along the Tana
XXI. The Rhinoceros
XXII. The Rhinoceros-(continued)
XXIII. The Hippo Pool
XXIV. Buffalo
XXV. The Buffalo-continued
XXVI. Juja
XXVII. A Visit at Juja
XXVIII. A Residence at Juja
XXIX. Chapter the Last
Appendix I
Appendix II
Appendix III
Appendix IV. The American in Africa. In Which He Appears as Different from the Englishman
Appendix V. The American in Africa. What He Should Take

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