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Man Size
by William MacLeod Raine
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Chapter I. In the Danger Zone
Chapter II. The Amazon
Chapter III. Angus McRae Does His Duty
Chapter IV. The Wolfers
Chapter V. Morse Jumps Up Trouble
Chapter VI. "Something About These Guys"
Chapter VII. The Man in the Scarlet Jacket
Chapter VIII. At Sweet Water Creek
Chapter IX. Tom Makes a Collection
Chapter X. A Camp-Fire Tale
Chapter XI. C.N. Morse Turns Over a Leaf
Chapter XII. Tom Ducks Trouble
Chapter XIII. The Constable Bores Through Difficulties
Chapter XIV. Scarlet-Coats in Action
Chapter XV. Kissing Day
Chapter XVI. A Business Deal
Chapter XVII. A Board Creaks
Chapter XVIII. A Gun Roars
Chapter XIX. "D'You Wonder She Hates Me?"
Chapter XX. Onistah Reads Sign
Chapter XXI. On the Frontier of Despair
Chapter XXII. "My Damn Pretty Li'l' High-Steppin' Squaw"
Chapter XXIII. A Foretaste of Hell
Chapter XXIV. West Makes a Decision
Chapter XXV. For the Wee Lamb Lost
Chapter XXVI. A Rescue
Chapter XXVII. Apache Stuff
Chapter XXVIII. "Is A' Well Wi' You, Lass?"
Chapter XXIX. Not Going Alone
Chapter XXX. "M" for Morse
Chapter XXXI. The Long Trail
Chapter XXXII. A Picture in a Locket
Chapter XXXIII. Into the Lone Land
Chapter XXXIV. The Man-Hunters Read Sign
Chapter XXXV. Snow-Blind
Chapter XXXVI. The Wild Beast Leaps
Chapter XXXVII. Near the End of a Long Crooked Trail
Chapter XXXVIII. Over a Rotting Trail
Chapter XXXIX. A Cree Runner Brings News
Chapter XL. "Malbrouck S'En Va-t-en Guerre"
Chapter XLI. Sense and Nonsense
Chapter XLII. The Imperative Urge

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