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A Man Four-Square
by William MacLeod Raine
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Chapter I. "Call Me Jimmie-Go-Get-'Em"
Chapter II. Shoot-a-Buck Canon
Chapter III. Ranse Roush Pays
Chapter IV. Pauline Roubideau Says "Thank You."
Chapter V. No Four-Flusher
Chapter VI. Billie Asks a Question
Chapter VII. On the Trail
Chapter VIII. The Fight
Chapter IX. Billie Stands Pat
Chapter X. Bud Proctor Lends a Hand
Chapter XI. The Fugitives
Chapter XII. The Good Samaritan
Chapter XIII. A Friendly Enemy
Chapter XIV. The Gun-Barrel Road
Chapter XV. Lee Plays a Leading Role
Chapter XVI. Three Modern Musketeers
Chapter XVII. "Peg-Leg" Warren
Chapter XVIII. A Stampede
Chapter XIX. A Two-Gun Man
Chapter XX. Exit Mysterious Pete
Chapter XXI. Jim Receives and Declines an Offer
Chapter XXII. The Rustlers' Camp
Chapter XXIII. Murder from the Chaparral
Chapter XXIV. Jimmie-Go-Get-'Em Leaves a Note
Chapter XXV. The Mal-Pais
Chapter XXVI. A Dust-Storm
Chapter XXVII. "A Lucky Guy"
Chapter XXVIII. Sheriff Prince Functions
Chapter XXIX. "They Can't Hang Me If I ain't There"
Chapter XXX. Polly has a Plan
Chapter XXXI. Goodheart Makes a Promise and Breaks It
Chapter XXXII. Jim Takes a Prisoner
Chapter XXXIII. The Round-Up
Chapter XXXIV. Primrose Paths

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