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The Gold Hunters
by Andy Adams
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Chapter I. The Pursuit of the Hudson Bay Mail
Chapter II. Minnetaki in the Hands of the Outlaws
Chapter III. On the Trail of the Woongas
Chapter IV. Rod Follows the Man-footed Bear
Chapter V. Rod's Fight for Life
Chapter VI. The Shadow of Death
Chapter VII. On the Trail of Gold
Chapter VIII. The Yellow Bullet
Chapter IX. Up the Ombabika
Chapter X. The Mysterious Shot
Chapter XI. The Cry in the Chasm
Chapter XII. Wabi Makes a Strange Discovery
Chapter XIII. The Third Waterfall
Chapter XIV. The Paper in the Old Tin Box
Chapter XV. The Treasure in the Pool
Chapter XVI. John Ball and the Mystery of the Gold
Chapter XVII. In a Subterranean World
Chapter XVIII. John Ball's Story

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