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Good Indian
by B.M. Bower
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Chapter I. Peaceful Hart Ranch
Chapter II. Good Indian
Chapter III. Old Wives Tales
Chapter IV. The Christmas Angel
Chapter V. "I Don't Care Much About Girls"
Chapter VI. The Christmas Angel Plays Ghost
Chapter VII. Miss Georgie Howard, Operator
Chapter VIII. The Amiable Angler
Chapter IX. Peppajee Jim "Heap Sabes"
Chapter X. Midnight Prowlers
Chapter XI. "You Can't Play With Me"
Chapter XII. "Them Damn Snake"
Chapter XIII. Cloud-sign Versus Cupid
Chapter XIV. The Claim-jumpers
Chapter XV. Squaw-talk-far-off Heap Smart
Chapter XVI. "Don't Get Excited!"
Chapter XVII. A Little Target-practice
Chapter XVIII. A Shot From the Rim-rock
Chapter XIX. Evadna Goes Calling
Chapter XX. Miss Georgie Also Makes a Call
Chapter XXI. Somebody Shot Saunders
Chapter XXII. A Bit of Paper
Chapter XXIII. The Malice of a Squaw
Chapter XXIV. Peaceful Returns
Chapter XXV. "I'd Just As Soon Hang for Nine Men As for One"
Chapter XXVI. "When the Sun Goes Away"
Chapter XXVII. Life Adjusts Itself Again to Some Things

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