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Starr, of the Desert
by B.M. Bower
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Chapter One. A Commonplace Man Was Peter
Chapter Two. In Which Peter Discovers a Way Out
Chapter Three. Vic Should Worry
Chapter Four. Starr Would Like to Know
Chapter Five. A Grease Spot in the Sand
Chapter Six. “Darn Such a Country!”
Chapter Seven. Moonlight, a Man and a Song
Chapter Eight. Holman Sommeks, Scientist
Chapter Nine. Pat, a Nice Doggums
Chapter Ten. The Trail of Silvertown Cords
Chapter Eleven. The Wind Blows Many Straws
Chapter Twelve. Starr Finds Something in a Secret Room
Chapter Thirteen. Helen May Sighs for Romance
Chapter Fourteen. A Shot From the Pinnacle
Chapter Fifteen. Helen May Understands
Chapter Sixteen. Starr Sees Too Little Or Too Much
Chapter Seventeen. “Is He Then Dead—my Son?”
Chapter Eighteen. A Page of Writing
Chapter Nineteen. Holman Sommers Turns Prophet
Chapter Twenty. Starr Discovers Things
Chapter Twenty-one. Through the Open Skylight
Chapter Twenty-two. Starr Takes Another Prisoner

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