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The Gringos
by B.M. Bower
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Chapter I. The Beginning of It
Chapter II. The Vigilantes
Chapter III. The Thing They Called Justice
Chapter IV. What Happened At the Oak
Chapter V. Hospitality
Chapter VI. The Valley
Chapter VII. The Lord of the Valley
Chapter VIII. Don Andres Wants a Majordomo
Chapter IX. Jerry Simpson, Squatter
Chapter X. The Finest Little Woman in the World
Chapter XI. An Ill Wind
Chapter XII. Potential Moods
Chapter XIII. Bill Wilson Goes Visiting
Chapter XIV. Rodeo Time
Chapter XV. When Camp-fires Blink
Chapter XVI. “For Weapons I Choose Riatas”
Chapter XVII. A Fiesta We Shall Have
Chapter XVIII. What Is Love Worth?
Chapter XIX. Anticipation
Chapter XX. Lost! Two Hasty Tempers
Chapter XXI. Fiesta Day
Chapter XXII. The Battle of Beasts
Chapter XXIII. The Duel of Riatas
Chapter XXIV. For Love and a Medal
Chapter XXV. Adios

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