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The Long Shadow
by B.M. Bower
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Chapter I. Charming Billy Has A Visitor.
Chapter II. Prune Pie And Coon-can.
Chapter III. Charming Billy Has A Fight.
Chapter IV. Canned.
Chapter V. The Man From Michigan.
Chapter VI. “That's My Dill Pickle!”
Chapter VII. “Till Hell's A Skating-rink.”
Chapter VIII. Just A Day-dream.
Chapter IX. The “Double-crank.”
Chapter X. The Day We Celebrate.
Chapter XI. “When I Lift My Eyebrows This Way.”
Chapter XII. Dilly Hires A Cook.
Chapter XIII. Billy Meets The Pilgrim.
Chapter XIV. A Winter At The Double-crank
Chapter XV. The Shadow Falls Lightly.
Chapter XVI. Self-defense
Chapter XVII. The Shadow Darkens
Chapter XVIII. When The North Wind Blows.
Chapter XIX. “I'm Not Your Wife Yet!”
Chapter XX. The Shadow Lies Long
Chapter XXI. The End Of The Double-crank.
Chapter XXII. Settled In Full
Chapter XXIII. Oh, Where Have You Been, Charming Billy?

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