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The Phantom Herd
by B.M. Bower
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1. The Indians Must Go
2. “Where the Cattle Roamed in Thousands, A-many a Herd and Brand ...”—Old Range Song
3. And They Sigh for the Days That Are Gone
4. The Little Doctor Protests
5. A Bunch of One-reelers From Bently Brown
6. Villains All and Proud of It
7. Bently Brown Does Not Appreciate Comedy
8. “There's Got to Be a Line Drawed Somewheres”
9. Leave It to the Bunch
10. Unexpected Guests for Applehead
11. Just a Few Unforeseen Obstacles
12. “I Think You Need Indian Girl for Picture”
13. “Pam. Bleak Mesa—Cattle Drifting Before Wind—“
14. “Plumb Spoiled, D' Yuh Mean?”
15. A Letter From Chief Big Turkey
16. “The Chances Is Slim and Gittin' Slimmer”
17. The Storm
18. A Few of the Minor Difficulties
19. Wherein Luck Makes a Speech
20. “She's Shaping Up Like a Bank Roll”

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