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The Ranch at the Wolverine
by B.M. Bower
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Chapter I. Let Us Start At the Beginning
Chapter II. A Storm and a Stranger
Chapter III. A Book, a Bannock, and a Bed
Chapter IV. "Old Dame Fortune 'S Used Me for a Football"
Chapter V. Marthy Buries Her Dead and Greets Her Nephew
Chapter VI. A Matter of Twelve Months Or So
Chapter VII. Ward Hunts Wolves
Chapter VIII. Help for the Cow Business
Chapter IX. When Emotions Are Bottled
Chapter X. This Pal Business
Chapter XI. Was It the Dog?
Chapter XII. The Little Devils of Doubt
Chapter XIII. The Corral in the Canyon
Chapter XIV. Each in His Own Trail
Chapter XV. "You Won't Get Me Again"
Chapter XVI. "I 'M Going to Take You Out and Hang You"
Chapter XVII. "So-long, Buck!"
Chapter XVIII. Fortune Kicks Again
Chapter XIX. The Brave Buckaroo
Chapter XX. "We Been Sorry for You"
Chapter XXI. Seven Lean Kine
Chapter XXII. The Billy of Her
Chapter XXIII. Billy Louise Gets a Surprise
Chapter XXIV. The Hookin'-cough Man
Chapter XXV. The Wolf Joke
Chapter XXVI. "Hm-mm!"
Chapter XXVII. Marthy
Chapter XXVIII. All Right and Comfy

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