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The Crusade of the Excelsior
by Bret Harte
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Part I. In Bonds.
Chapter I. A Crusader and a Sign.
Chapter II. Another Portent.
Chapter III. "Vigilancia."
Chapter IV. In the Fog.
Chapter V. Todos Santos.
Chapter VI. "Hail and Farewell."
Chapter VII. The Gentle Castaways.
Chapter VIII. In Sanctuary.
Chapter IX. An Open-air Prison.
Chapter X. Todos Santos Solves the Mystery.
Chapter XI. The Captain Follows His Ship.
Part II. Freed.
Chapter I. The Mourners At San Francisco.
Chapter II. The Mourners At Todos Santos.
Chapter III. International Courtesies.
Chapter IV. A Gleam of Sunshine.
Chapter V. Clouds and Change.
Chapter VI. A More Important Arrival.
Chapter VII. The Return of the Excelsior.
Chapter VIII. Hostage.
Chapter IX. Liberated.

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