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Partners of Chance
by Henry Herbert Knibbs
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Chapter I. Little Jim
Chapter II. Panhandle
Chapter III. A Minute Too Late
Chapter IV. “A Little Green River”
Chapter V. “Top Hand Once”
Chapter VI. A Horse-trade
Chapter VII. At the Water-hole
Chapter VIII. High Heels and Moccasins
Chapter IX. At the Box-s
Chapter X. To Try Him Out
Chapter XI. Pony Tracks
Chapter XII. Jimmy and the Luger Gun
Chapter XIII. At Aunt Jane's
Chapter XIV. Another Game
Chapter XV. More Pony Tracks
Chapter XVI. San Andreas Town
Chapter XVII. That Mescal
Chapter XVIII. Joe Scott
Chapter XIX. Dorry Comes to Town
Chapter XX. Along the Foothills
Chapter XXI. “Git Along Cayuse”
Chapter XXII. Box-s Business
Chapter XXIII. The Hole-in-the-wall
Chapter XXIV. Cheyenne Plays Big
Chapter XXV. Two Trails Home

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