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The Night Horseman
by Max Brand
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Chapter I. The Scholar
Chapter II. Words and Bullets
Chapter III. The Doctor Rides
Chapter IV. The Chain
Chapter V. The Waiting
Chapter VI. The Mission Starts
Chapter VII. Jerry Strann
Chapter VIII. The Gift-horse
Chapter IX. Battle Light
Chapter X. “Sweet Adeline”
Chapter XI. The Buzzard
Chapter XII. Finesse
Chapter XIII. The Three
Chapter XIV. Music for Old Nick
Chapter XV. Old Gary Peters
Chapter XVI. The Coming of Night
Chapter XVII. Buck Makes His Get-away
Chapter XVIII. Doctor Byrne Analyses
Chapter XIX. Suspense
Chapter XX. The Coming
Chapter XXI. Mac Strann Decides to Keep the Law
Chapter XXII. Patience
Chapter XXIII. How Mac Strann Kept the Law
Chapter XXIV. Doctor Byrne Looks Into the Past
Chapter XXV. Were-wolf
Chapter XXVI. The Battle
Chapter XXVII. The Conquest
Chapter XXVIII. The Trail
Chapter XXIX. Talk
Chapter XXX. The Voice of Black Bart
Chapter XXXI. The Message
Chapter XXXII. Victory
Chapter XXXIII. Doctor Byrne Shows the Truth
Chapter XXXIV. The Acid Test
Chapter XXXV. Pale Annie
Chapter XXXVI. The Discovery of Life
Chapter XXXVII. The Piebald
Chapter XXXVIII. The Challenge
Chapter XXXIX. The Storm
Chapter XL. The Arroyo
Chapter XLI. The Falling of Night
Chapter XLII. The Journey Into Night

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