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The Seventh Man
by Max Brand
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Chapter I. Spring
Chapter II. Grey Molly
Chapter III. Battle
Chapter IV. King Hol
Chapter V. The Fight
Chapter VI. The Rifle
Chapter VII. Joan Disobeys
Chapter VIII. Discipline
Chapter IX. The Long Arm Of The Law
Chapter X. One Trail Ends
Chapter XI. A New Trail Begins
Chapter XII. The Crisis
Chapter XIII. Equal Payment
Chapter XIV. Suspense
Chapter XV. Seven For One
Chapter XVI. Man-hunting
Chapter XVII. The Second Man
Chapter XVIII. Concerning The Strength Of Women
Chapter XIX. The Venture
Chapter XX. Discipline
Chapter XXI. The Acid Test
Chapter XXII. The Fifth Man
Chapter XXIII. Bad News
Chapter XXIV. The Music
Chapter XXV. The Battle
Chapter XXVI. The Test
Chapter XXVII. The Sixth Man
Chapter XXVIII. The Blood Of The Father
Chapter XXIX. Billy The Clerk
Chapter XXX. The Morgan Hills
Chapter XXXI. The Trap
Chapter XXXII. Relays
Chapter XXXIII. The Jump
Chapter XXXIV. The Warning
Chapter XXXV. The Asper
Chapter XXXVI. The Empty Cave
Chapter XXXVII. Ben Swann
Chapter XXXVIII. The New Alliance
Chapter XXXIX. Victory
Chapter XL. The Failure
Chapter XLI. The Wild Geese

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