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by Max Brand
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Chapter I. “La-a-a-dies An' Gen'l'mun”
Chapter II. Sporting Chance
Chapter III. Social Suicide
Chapter IV. A Session of Chat
Chapter V. Anthony Is Left in the Dark
Chapter VI. John Bard
Chapter VII. Bluebeard's Room
Chapter VIII. Marty Wilkes
Chapter IX. “This Place for Rest”
Chapter X. A Bit of Stalking
Chapter XI. The Quest Begins
Chapter XII. The First Day
Chapter XIII. A Touch of Crimson
Chapter XIV. Lemonade
Chapter XV. The Darkness in Eldara
Chapter XVI. Bluff
Chapter XVII. Butch Returns
Chapter XVIII. Foolish Habits
Chapter XIX. The Candle
Chapter XX. Joan
Chapter XXI. The Swimming of the Saverack
Chapter XXII. Drew Smiles
Chapter XXIII. The Comedy Setting
Chapter XXIV. “Sam'l Hall”
Chapter XXV. Hair Like the Sunshine
Chapter XXVI. “The Critique of Pure Reason”
Chapter XXVII. The Stage
Chapter XXVIII. Sally Breaks a Mirror
Chapter XXIX. The Show
Chapter XXX. The Lamp
Chapter XXXI. Nash Starts the Finish
Chapter XXXII. To “Apprehend” a Man
Chapter XXXIII. Nothing New
Chapter XXXIV. Criticism
Chapter XXXV. Abandon
Chapter XXXVI. Jerry Wood
Chapter XXXVII. “Todo Es Perdo”
Chapter XXXVIII. Bacon
Chapter XXXIX. Legal Murder
Chapter XL. Partners
Chapter XLI. Sally Weeps

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