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A Texas Ranger
by William MacLeod Raine
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Foreword to Ye Gentle Reader.
Part I. The Man from the Panhandle
Chapter I. A Desert Meeting
Chapter II. Lieutenant Fraser Interferes.
Chapter III. A Discovery
Chapter IV. Lost!
Chapter V. Larry Neill to the Rescue
Chapter VI. Somebody's Acting Mighty Foolish.
Chapter VII. Enter Mr. Dunke
Chapter VIII. Would You Worry About Me?
Chapter IX. Down the Jackrabbit Shaft.
Chapter X. In a Tunnel of the Mal Pais
Chapter XI. The Southerner Takes a Risk
Chapter XII. Exit Dunke
Chapter XIII. Steve Offers Congratulations
Part II. The Girl of Lost Valley
Chapter I. In the Fire Zone
Chapter II. A Compact
Chapter III. Into Lost Valley
Chapter IV. The Warning of Mantrap Gulch
Chapter V. Jed Briscoe Takes a Hand
Chapter VI. A Sure Enough Wolf
Chapter VII. The Round-up
Chapter VIII. The Broncho Busters
Chapter IX. A Shot From Bald Knob
Chapter X. Doc Lee
Chapter XI. The Fat in the Fire
Chapter XII. The Dance
Chapter XIII. The Wolf Howls
Chapter XIV. Howard Explains
Chapter XV. The Texan Pays a Visit
Chapter XVI. The Wolf Bites
Chapter XVII. On the Road to Gimlet Butte
Chapter XVIII. A Witness in Rebuttal

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