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The Claim Jumpers
by Stewart Edward White
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Chapter I. Jim Leslie Writes a Letter
Chapter II. The Story-book West
Chapter III. Bennington Hunts for Gold and Finds a Kiss
Chapter IV. The Sun Fairy
Chapter V. The Spirit Mountain
Chapter VI. Bennington As a Man of Business
Chapter VII. The Meeting At the Rock
Chapter VIII. An Adventure in the Night
Chapter IX. The Heavens Opened
Chapter X. The World Made Young
Chapter XI. And He Did Eat
Chapter XII. Old Mizzou Resigns
Chapter XIII. The Spires of Stone
Chapter XIV. The Pioneer's Picnic
Chapter XV. The Girl on the Train
Chapter XVI. A Noon Dinner
Chapter XVII. Noblesse Oblige
Chapter XVIII. The Claim Jumpers
Chapter XIX. Bennington Proves Game
Chapter XX. Masks Off
Chapter XXI. The Land of Visions
Chapter XXII. Flower O' the World

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