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Cabin Fever
by B.M. Bower
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Chapter One. The Fever Manifests Itself
Chapter Two. Two Make a Quarrel
Chapter Three. Ten Dollars and a Job For Bud
Chapter Four. Head South and Keep Going
Chapter Five. Bud Cannot Perform Miracles
Chapter Six. Bud Takes to the Hills
Chapter Seven. Into the Desert
Chapter Eight. Many Barren Months and Miles
Chapter Nine. The Bite of Memory
Chapter Ten. Emotions are Tricky Things
Chapter Eleven. The First Stages
Chapter Twelve. Marie Takes a Desperate Chance
Chapter Thirteen. Cabin Fever in the Worst Form
Chapter Fourteen. Cash Gets a Shock
Chapter Fifteen. And Bud Never Guessed
Chapter Sixteen. The Antidote
Chapter Seventeen. Lovin Child Wriggles In
Chapter Eighteen. They Have Their Troubles
Chapter Nineteen. Bud Faces Facts
Chapter Twenty. Lovin Child Strikes it Rich
Chapter Twenty-One. Marie's Side of It
Chapter Twenty-Two. The Cure Complete

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