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The Heritage of the Sioux
by B.M. Bower
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Chapter I. When Green Grass Comes
Chapter II. The Daughter of a Chief
Chapter III. To the Victors the Spoils
Chapter IV. Love Words for Annie
Chapter V. For the Good of the Company
Chapter VI. "I Go Where Wagalexa Conka Say"
Chapter VII. Adventure Comes Smiling
Chapter VIII. The Song of the Omaha
Chapter IX. Riders in the Background
Chapter X. Deputies All
Chapter XI. All this War-Talk About Injuns
Chapter XII. The Wild-Goose Chase
Chapter XIII. Set Afoot
Chapter XIV. One Put Over on the Bunch
Chapter XV. "Now, Dang It, Ride!"
Chapter XVI. Annie-Many-Ponies Waits
Chapter XVII. Applehead Shows the Stuff He is Made Of
Chapter XVIII. In the Devil's Frying-Pan
Chapter XIX. Peace Talk
Chapter XX. Luis Rojas Talks
Chapter XXI. "Wagalexa Conka--Cola!"

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