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Guy Garrick
by Arthur B. Reeve
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Chapter I. The Stolen Motor
Chapter II. The Murder Car
Chapter III. The Mystery of the Thicket
Chapter IV. The Liquid Bullet
Chapter V. The Blackmailer
Chapter VI. The Gambling Den
Chapter VII. The Motor Bandit
Chapter VIII. The Explanation
Chapter IX. The Raid
Chapter X. The Gambling Debt
Chapter XI. The Gangster's Garage
Chapter XII. The Detectaphone
Chapter XIII. The Incendiary
Chapter XIV. The Escape
Chapter XV. The Plot
Chapter XVI. The Poisoned Needle
Chapter XVII. The Newspaper Fake
Chapter XVIII. The Vocaphone
Chapter XIX. The Eavesdropper Again
Chapter XX. The Speaking Arc
Chapter XXI. The Siege of the Bandits
Chapter XXII. The Man Hunt
Chapter XXIII. The Police Dog
Chapter XXIV. The Frame-Up
Chapter XXV. The Scientific Gunman

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