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The Ear in the Wall
by Arthur B. Reeve
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I. The Vanisher
II. The Black Book
III. The Safe Robbery
IV. The Anonymous Letter
V. The Suffragette Secretary
VI. The Woman Detective
VII. The Gang Leader
VIII. The Shyster Lawyer
IX. The Jury Fixer
X. The Afternoon Dance
XI. The Typewriter Clue
XII. The "Portrait Parle"
XIII. The Conviction
XIV. The Beauty Parlour
XV. The Phantom Circuit
XVI. The Sanitarium
XVII. The Society Scandal
XVIII. The Wall Street Wolf
XIX. The Escape
XX. The Metric Photograph
XXI. The Morgue
XXII. The Canard
XXIII. The Confession
XXIV. The Debacle of Dorgan
XXV. The Blood Crystals
XXVI. The White Slave
XXVII. The Election Night

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