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The Film Mystery
by Arthur B. Reeve
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I. A Camera Crime
II. The Tiny Scratch
III. Tangled Motives
IV. The Fatal Script
V. An Emotional Maze
VI. The First Clue
VII. Enid Faye
VIII. Lawrence Millard
IX. White-Light Shadows
X. Chemical Research
XI. Forestalled
XII. Emery Phelps
XIII. Marilyn Loring
XIV. Another Clue
XV. I Become a Detective
XVI. Enid Assists
XVII. An Appeal
XVIII. The Antivenin
XIX. Around the Circle
XX. The Banquet Scene
XXI. Merle Shirley Overacts
XXII. The Stem
XXIII. Botulin Toxin
XXIV. The Invisible Menace
XXV. Itching Salve
XXVI. A Cigarette Case
XXVII. The Film Fire
XXVIII. The Phosphorus Bomb
XXIX. Microscopic Evidence
XXX. The Ballroom Scene
XXXI. Physostigmin
XXXII. Camera Evidence

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