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The Dream Doctor
by Arthur B. Reeve
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I. The Dream Doctor
II. The Soul Analysis
III. The Sybarite
IV. The Beauty Shop
V. The Phantom Circuit
VI. The Detectaphone
VII. The Green Curse
VIII. The Mummy Case
IX. The Elixir of Life
X. The Toxin of Death
XI. The Opium Joint
XII. The "Dope Trust"
XIII. The Kleptomaniac
XIV. The Crimeometer
XV. The Vampire
XVI. The Blood Test
XVII. The Bomb Maker
XVIII. The "Coke" Fiend
XIX. The Submarine Mystery
XX. The Wireless Detector
XXI. The Ghouls
XXII. The X-Ray "Movies"
XXIII. The Death House
XXIV. The Final Day

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