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The Gold of the Gods
by Arthur B. Reeve
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I. The Peruvian Dagger
II. The Soldier of Fortune
III. The Archaeological Detective
IV. The Treasure Hunters
V. The Wall Street Promoter
VI. The Curse of Mansiche
VII. The Arrow Poison
VIII. The Anonymous Letter
IX. The Paper Fibres
X. The X-Ray Reader
XI. The Shoe-Prints
XII. The Evil Eye
XIII. The Poisoned Cigarette
XIV. The Interferometer
XV. The Weed of Madness
XVI. The Ear in the Wall
XVII. The Voice From the Air
XVIII. The Antidote
XIX. The Burglar Powder
XX. The Pulmotor
XXI. The Telescribe
XXII. The Vanisher
XXIII. The Acetylene Torch
XXIV. The Police Dog
XXV. The Gold of the Gods

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