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The Mayor's Wife
by Anna Katharine Green
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Chapter I. A Spy's Duty
Chapter II. Questions
Chapter III. In the Gable Window
Chapter IV. Lights--Sounds
Chapter V. The Strange Neighbors Next Door
Chapter VI. At the Stair-Head
Chapter VII. A Moving Shadow
Chapter VIII. The Paragraph
Chapter IX. Scraps
Chapter X. A Glimmer of the Truth
Chapter XI. Bess
Chapter XII. Searchings
Chapter XIII. A Discovery
Chapter XIV. I Seek Help
Chapter XV. Hardly a Coincidence
Chapter XVI. In the Library
Chapter XVIII. The Two Weird Sisters
Chapter XVIII. The Morning News
Chapter XIX. The Cry from the Stairs
Chapter XX. Explanation
Chapter XXI. The Cipher
Chapter XXII. Mercy
Chapter XXIII. The Wife's Tale
Chapter XXIV. The Sins of the Fathers
Chapter XXV. The Finger on the Wall
Chapter XXVI. "Bitter as the Grave"
Chapter XXVII. A Child's Playthings
Chapter XXVIII. Restitution

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