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Dark Hollow
by Anna Katharine Green
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Book I. The Woman in Purple
I. Where is Bela?
II. Was He Living?--Was He Dead?
III. Bela the Redoubtable
IV. "And Where Was I When All this Happened?"
V. "She Wore Purple"
VI. Across the Bridge
VII. With Her Veil Down
VIII. With Her Veil Lifted
IX. Excerpts
X. The Shadow
XI. "I Will Think About It"
XII. Sounds in the Night
Book II. The House and the Room
XIII. A Bit of Steel
XIV. All is Clear
XV. The Picture
XVI. "Don't! Don't!"
XVII. Unwelcome Truths
XVIII. Reflections
XIX. Alanson Black
XX. What Had Made the Change?
XXI. In the Court Room
XXII. Before the Gates
XXIII. The Misfortunes of My House
XXIV. One Secret Less
XXV. "What Do You Think of Him Now?"
XXVI. The Telegram
Book III. The Door of Mystery
XXVII. He Must Be Found
XXVIII. The First Effort
XXIX. "There is But One Thing to Do"
XXX. Tempest Lodge
XXXI. Escape
XXXII. The Vigil
XXXIII. The Curtain Lifted
XXXIV. Dark Hollow
XXXV. Sunset

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